Creating spectacular landscapes in small spaces

  • 4 Reasons Why Using Aggregates in Your Garden Is a Great Idea

    30 September 2021

    If you want your garden to look luscious and grow beautifully, consider using aggregates in your soil. An alternative to chemical fertilisers and additives, aggregates are mineral-based chippings (typically made from sand, slate, rock or chalk) that can improve your garden in a wide variety of ways. Plus, they're one of the most inexpensive garden additions on the market. Here are just four benefits you can expect when you pick up aggregates from your local soil supplies store.

  • Ways to Enhance Your Garden with Paver Edging

    29 June 2021

    Using pavers to edge the garden beds is a simple method to add a hardscape component to a garden. They'll beautify the yard while also serving a practical purpose. Continue reading to learn how. Decorate the Landscape Pavers can be moulded from brick, travertine, granite, bluestone and sandstone. Alternatively, you could arrange concrete pavers, which can be coloured and textured in diverse colours and contours. Thus, you'll have ample choice to harmonise the pavers with the landscape.

  • A Quick Buying Guide for Your Lawnmower

    25 February 2021

    While you can always hire someone to mow your lawn, the satisfaction that comes from grabbing a lawnmower and performing the task yourself is incomparable. With the right machine and a little hands-on experience in grass cutting, you should be able to do a swell job. When it's time to shop for lawn mowing equipment, you can be easily overwhelmed by the large variety of choices available on the market these days.