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Four Benefits Of Sapphire Buffalo Turf

by Janet Banks

Sapphire Buffalo turf is a warm season turf that is perfect for Australian lawns as it is durable, salt-tolerant, and can withstand the harsh climate. Here are four benefits of this low maintenance lawn:

1. Sapphire Buffalo Turf Has A High Traffic Tolerance 

Sapphire Buffalo turf has a high traffic tolerance, meaning that it can withstand plenty of foot traffic without hurting the overall health and appearance of your lawn. This makes the grass perfect for both residential and commercial properties where people will be walking on the lawn frequently throughout the day. Sapphire Buffalo Turf is also an excellent choice if you have pets that love to run around outside on your lawn. The grass won't be damaged by their paws or claws when they run across it all day.

2. Sapphire Buffalo Turf Is Drought Resistant

Sapphire Buffalo turf can withstand long periods of dry weather while still maintaining its lush green appearance. This means that it does not require a lot of water to survive so you can expect your yard to look great without worrying about watering it constantly. The plants will grow well if they are in moist soil, but if not you should add some water every once in a while. Sapphire Buffalo turf will require regular mowing throughout summer and autumn, along with the occasional application of fertiliser and weed control products.

3. Sapphire Buffalo Turf Is Shade Tolerant 

If you have trees and other objects that are blocking out the sun from hitting your lawn, then this turf would be great for you because it can handle shade well. You do not have to worry about shading your trees and shrubs in order to make this turf grow; it will grow well in shady areas. If you are worried about losing the beauty of your trees, then you should consider adding more trees and shrubs around your house so that the beauty of your home does not diminish too much.

4. Sapphire Buffalo Turf Is Easy To Install

One of the main benefits of this type of turf is that it is easy to install. Sapphire Buffalo turf is available from specialist dealers across Australia, and you can order your lawn online or visit your local store to discuss your requirements with an experienced member of staff.

If you do not have time to install your lawn yourself, you can hire a professional team who can measure your garden and lay the turf for you. When installing Sapphire Buffalo turf, you will need to use a few basic tools and you will need to prepare the soil before laying down the turf.

Sapphire Buffalo turf is a premium lawn that has been developed in Australia and it is currently one of the most popular options for commercial and domestic use. For more information on lawn care and lawns such as empire zoysia turf, contact a friendly member of the team today.