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Ways to Enhance Your Garden with Paver Edging

by Janet Banks

Using pavers to edge the garden beds is a simple method to add a hardscape component to a garden. They'll beautify the yard while also serving a practical purpose. Continue reading to learn how.

Decorate the Landscape

Pavers can be moulded from brick, travertine, granite, bluestone and sandstone. Alternatively, you could arrange concrete pavers, which can be coloured and textured in diverse colours and contours. Thus, you'll have ample choice to harmonise the pavers with the landscape. Pick out hues from your home's external walls guttering or roof, and echo those colours in the pavers. These blocks come in numerous shades, including greys, blues, reds and yellows. The edging will tie the building with the garden and create a cohesive design.

Simple to Create

Edging the garden beds with pavers is a simple hardscape element to create. Other features are more complicated to set up. Consider paving, retaining walls and fire pits, for example, all of which require considerable knowledge, skill and time. However, you can arrange your own garden edging with a bit of expert advice and your own creativity.

Keeps the Garden Healthy

Once you arrange the pavers around the garden beds, they'll form a barrier that prevents the topsoil from being flushed away when it rains. Runoff degrades the health of the earth, draining it of vital nutrients. So the pavers will not only beautify the landscape, but they'll boost its health.


Pavers are durable components that can withstand the elements and harsh outdoor conditions. So they won't demand much upkeep. Additionally, if any become damaged, you can easily pull out individual blocks and replace them. For this reason, it's advisable to purchase extra pavers at the start, so you have a supply in hand.

Organises the Garden

Holding the soil in its own designated spot will make your garden neater. The edging arranges and separates the different parts of the garden, dividing the beds from the lawn, for example. Thus, it visually organises the landscape.

So, edging your garden beds with pavers will improve the area in a variety of ways. It creates lovely patterns and colours in the environment while also enhancing the soil's health. The garden will appear cleaner, and the entire property, including the home and garden, will appear more cohesive. Furthermore, pavers are resistant to weather extremes. Individual blocks can be replaced in any instance if they are damaged. Just purchase some spares in your garden supplies at the initial installation.

For more information about landscape supplies, contact a local gardening centre.