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4 Reasons Why Using Aggregates in Your Garden Is a Great Idea

by Janet Banks

If you want your garden to look luscious and grow beautifully, consider using aggregates in your soil. An alternative to chemical fertilisers and additives, aggregates are mineral-based chippings (typically made from sand, slate, rock or chalk) that can improve your garden in a wide variety of ways. Plus, they're one of the most inexpensive garden additions on the market. Here are just four benefits you can expect when you pick up aggregates from your local soil supplies store.

1. You won't need to weed as often

Weeds can be irritating and time-consuming to remove from your garden, particularly when you're growing delicate plants or vegetables, but aggregates can help. Applying aggregates to your garden helps prevent weeds from surfacing and spreading, so you'll have less invasive pest plants to deal with. Using a layer of weed control membrane under your aggregate can help reduce weeds even further. In turn, your plants will be protected with minimal effort. And if any weeds do manage to poke their way through, they'll be easier to spot, so you'll be able to pluck them as you see them.

2. They'll beautify your garden

Aggregates aren't just useful; they're also attractive. These days, you can find a wide range of aggregates to suit any garden. From dark grey shale to pale, rounded pebbles, there are aggregates that will look great in any type of modern or traditional landscape. You can use them to draw attention to areas of your garden you'd like to highlight, or you can use aggregates to cover unsightly areas, such as the space around ponds or fountains where foliage won't grow.

3. They're easy to maintain

Of all the decorative options for your garden, aggregates are one of the easiest to maintain. Naturally, they can get dirty over time, whether from mud in the rainy season or from dust in the dry season. But to clean them, all you need is a garden hose. Simply set your hose to low pressure and rinse off your aggregated soil; all the dirt and dust will be washed into the ground, leaving your aggregates looking as good as new.

4. They're environmentally friendly

If you want to encourage more wildlife to your garden or help protect the environment, you don't need to worry about using aggregates. These natural, organic chippings are perfectly harmless to the wider world, so they won't disrupt nearby critters or pollute the ground below.