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Four Common Types Earthmoving Services

by Janet Banks

Earthmoving services play a crucial role in Australia's construction and mining industries, among others. These services involve the use of specialised machinery to move large quantities of soil, rocks and other materials during construction, landscaping or excavation projects. With a diverse range of earthmoving services available, it's essential to understand the different types to ensure the right equipment is used for the job. Read on to find out more.


To begin with, this is one of the most common earthmoving services, involving the removal of soil and other materials to create a hole, trench or cavity in the ground. This process is crucial for various projects, such as building foundations, creating dams and constructing underground infrastructure like tunnels, pipelines and sewer systems. Excavators are the primary machines used for this type of work, with various attachments available to handle different tasks. These include buckets for digging and moving earth, hydraulic hammers for breaking rocks and augers for drilling holes.

Site Preparation

Preparing sites is another essential service for earthmoving companies. It helps lay the groundwork for construction projects. This service involves levelling the ground, compacting soil and grading the land to create a stable and even surface on which to build. It may also include the removal of any unwanted vegetation, debris, or obstructions. Graders, bulldozers and compactors are commonly used for site preparation, with each machine serving a specific purpose. Graders are used to create a level surface, while bulldozers can push large amounts of soil or debris and compactors are responsible for compacting the soil to ensure a solid foundation.


This is a specialised type of earthmoving job that involves digging narrow, elongated excavations, often used for installing utilities like gas, water, or electrical lines. Trenches can also be used for drainage purposes or as part of the foundations for structures like retaining walls. Trenchers are the primary machines used for this service, with various types available depending on the required depth and width of the trench. Chain trenchers and wheel trenchers are two common types, with the former using a chain with cutting teeth to dig trenches and the latter using a large, toothed wheel.

Land Clearances

Clearing land is another vital earthmoving activity, particularly in Australia, where bushland often needs to be cleared for construction or agriculture. This service involves the removal of trees, stumps and vegetation to create a clear, open space suitable for development. Land clearing can also help reduce the risk of bushfires by eliminating potential fuel sources. Specialised equipment like mulchers, stump grinders and tree shears are often used in land-clearing projects, allowing for efficient and environmentally responsible disposal of the cleared vegetation.

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