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How Hydromulch Solutions Can Revitalise Your Garden After Construction Work

by Janet Banks

If you have just gone through (or are currently going through) major construction work, then the last thing on your mind right now is how it will affect your garden. However, once all this work is done and your new home or building looks shiny and new, there is a good chance that the surrounding area will be nothing but churned up mud. This is an unfortunate byproduct of construction work, and it can be very hard to get plants to start growing again in these large dead spots. This is where hydromulch solutions are a perfect fit, especially during summer. 

What Are Hydromulch Solutions?

Hydromulch is a term that refers to a certain mixture of seeds, mulch, bonding agents and other nutrients that creates a thick, sludge type material. While not particularly appetising to look at, hydromulch is so famed because it can stick to basically any muddy surface and allow the seeds in its formula to grow. While normal seedlings would simply be killed by strong winds, heavy rains or the lack of nutrients in these harsh environments, hydromulch provides all the safety and security seedlings need to ensure they can get a strong foothold and start growing. 

How Long Does It Take?

Hydromulch solutions are quite easy to apply, and for residential properties, the area can be fully covered in a day, or even less. Once applied, it will take a few weeks for seedlings to begin to sprout, and if there are any complications with this timeline, then you can simply call the company you used for help. Most offer guarantees on how much grass will begin to sprout, so you have full confidence that if something is missed the first time, it will be fixed by the second application. 

Why Is It Good For Summer Specifically?

Summer might seem like the ideal time for plants to grow in Australia, and in many cases, it is. The only problem is in completely dead areas, like a construction site, because there is no root system or nutrients for a plant to easily grab hold of when it is starting to grow. That means most plants will simply die. Another complication can come from rain, as summer is Australia's rainy period, and brand new seedlings with little grip into the earth can be washed away. Hydromulch solutions solve all of these problems and ensure that no matter where you want the grass to grow, it will take hold.  

For more information, reach out to a local hydromulch supplier.