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Factors That Affect the Stump Grinder Used on Your Property

by Janet Banks

In most cases, tree stumps are annoying and inconvenient to deal with. They can interfere with the look of your landscape, harbour pests and insects and injure children playing in the yard.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to hire stump-grinding services to get rid of inconvenient tree stumps. To get the job done, a stump grinder will need to be used to grind and remove the stump from its current location. Not all tree stumps are the same, and there are several factors that will affect the stump grinder that is used on your premises.

1. The size of the tree stump

Larger tree stumps will require a larger stump grinder to get the job done. If the stump is wide and with a large network of roots, a large grinder will be able to cover the surface and to penetrate deep enough to access the roots.

Operating a large stump grinder requires experience, strength and expertise. That is why large tree stumps are best handled by professional stump grinders.

2. The location of the tree stump

If your tree stump is located in a tough-to-reach area, a smaller stump grinder may need to be used. It is important for the entire stump to be ground, as opposed to only various sections. Smaller and more precise grinders can access these hidden spots as necessary. Stump grinders may also need to go a few inches into the ground in order to remove roots and other underlying parts that may affect the landscape.

3. The size of the cutter wheel

The components of the machine itself will also determine its use. The cutter wheel is the primary blade that grinds a tree stump. When dealing with large and hard stumps, a larger and sharper cutter wheel will grind the stump more effectively and remove it from your premises.

The best cutter wheels are those made out of carbide because it is durable, sharp, and easy to maintain.

4. Horsepower capacity

The horsepower rating determines the speed with which the cutter wheel circulates as it grinds the tree stump. Grinders with a high horsepower rating can circulate faster and grind the tree stump in a shorter amount of time.

If your stump grinding company charges by the hour, it is a good idea to check the rating of the grinders that they're using, just to make sure that they match the capacity of the job.