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Honour Your Loved Ones With Beautiful Monumental Stones

by Janet Banks

Although losing a loved one is almost always a heart-wrenching affair, giving them a fitting send-off is a great way to honour their legacy. By crafting a thoughtful design, you help memorialise their life for centuries to come. Monumental stones (also known as headstones or gravestones) are the ideal way of honouring the life and accomplishments of the recently deceased. Today, memorial plaques and monuments may be constructed in many different sizes and shapes, and they can be decorated as elaborately or as minimally as you desire. A skilled mason can add stylised inscriptions, portraits, artwork, and other decorative embellishments to monumental stones, in addition to a range of granite types.

Finding words can often be hard in the best of situations; however, perhaps one of the best ways to honour their legacy is to give them a written inscription that they would love to see even in death. For example, someone with a quirky sense of humour might well appreciate one of their famous sayings being etched into their gravestone. On the other hand, a demure person might prefer a simple and concise message.

Talking to your elderly parents, for example, about death can be a difficult task. To avoid letting their spirits down (especially if they fear death or don't wish to acknowledge it), a more tactful approach can be discussing their life's achievements. Ask them about what made them happiest, what their proudest moments were, and how they want to be remembered. Such things will show the person in question that you sincerely care about them as a person. Take on board what they say, and be sure to respect their wishes; you would want the same thing if you were in their position.

Simple things like flowers can be a beautiful touch. Getting your loved ones a favourite flower engraved on a gravestone can be a sweet way of honouring their memory; additionally, the pictogram can inspire family and friends to leave their own real-life flowers to memorialise the life of the dearly departed. Another thing to remember about monumental stones is that they have a rich history. Gravestones go back six or seven millennia. No matter how you decide to memorialise, just make sure your loved ones are sent off in a way that you can get behind. Nothing can transcend intentions, because— no matter what anyone says —  your intent is the purest feeling of them all.