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Landscaping alternatives: Exploring the world of bark

by Janet Banks

Landscaping your garden is made up of decision after decision. A decision that people often skip over is considering what options are available instead of turf. Having a turfed section of a garden has become such a standard that most people don't stop to think about the alternatives you can get from stores like Aussie Rockmen. This is a shame, as there is one alternative in particular that stands out for a number of reason, and it's bark.

Australia is a hot, dry country, meaning that lawns require a vast amount of upkeep to keep them in a good condition. Not everyone enjoys spending that much time simply taking care of grass. After all, there's always plenty of other things going in your life that are demanding your attention and time. One of the main reasons why bark is such a great alternative to turf is because it requires zero maintenance on your part. It doesn't need to be watered, or cut back; you simply lay it down and you are set.

Laying bark down in your garden is also a fine way of protecting the soil. Bark helps to retain moisture in the soil, meaning that if you do decide to change the way your garden is laid out in the future, you will have a soil bed that is ready to build upon from the start. It is a natural way to stop weeds from growing. This means you have to spend even less time maintaining it, and if you do come to re-landscape the garden it will require less work.

If you have children who love to play in the garden, bark is a fantastic alternative to turf. You don't have to worry about the children damaging the turf, and even when wet the children will struggle to find a way to get muddy. The same benefits apply if you have pets that are in and out of the garden; no more cleaning muddy paws every time they've been outside.

Bark is also great for the environment. You won't be using up any water to keep the turf in shape. Considering that Australia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth, this is a perfect way to do your bit by making changes to ensure a greener household. Bark is also cheaper than turf, as there are no upkeep requirements--from watering it to feeding the lawn nutrients, you won't have to spend money on it down the line.