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Toddler Delight: Landscaping Tips To Teach Your Child While Outside

by Janet Banks

It won't be long before Spring arrives and your toddler will be chomping at the bit to escape the confines of the home and play outside in the fresh air. Now is the time to design changes to your garden to suit your newly walking child, so you can offer plenty of imagination and education stimulation. Here are two landscaping ideas you can embrace to help your child enjoy their time outside.

Natural Hiding Areas

Children love to have their own forts to hide in, and by growing a natural fort, you can provide them with shade from the sun while they're playing in your garden. By having your landscaper plant bamboo in your garden right now, this is one way to get this project growing quickly. The main reason for choosing bamboo is its growth rate. Bamboo is listed as one of the ten fastest growing trees in the world, so your child won't be waiting long before they see this hideaway area developing.

To create a private area for your child to play in, trim any offshoots that appear on the sides of the bamboo as it grows. By doing this, you get tall, straight bamboo poles that don't have clumps growing along the side. Those clumps can be scratchy to the skin when your child brushes against them.

Bamboo grows well in the spring and summer, as this is when Australia receives a lot of its rain, so get it planted just before spring arrives.

Gardening Boxes

When planning a play box to put outside, make it twice the size you originally had in mind and then split it in two. One side can be filled with sand, while the other side can be filled with soil.

In the soil partition, teach your child about easy-to-grow vegetables and fruits so they can watch plants take off from seeds and grow into something they can put on the table to eat. You could even add a theme to their garden. For example, one year you can grow red foods such as tomatoes and strawberries while the next year you can grow "C" foods such as capsicum, cabbage and cucumber.

Sand boxes teach your child how to build using buckets and other containers. Just make sure you have a cover for this side of the box to keep the neighbourhood cats from using it for their toileting needs. 

Planning your new garden now means you can get it landscaped in time for the prime growth periods of spring and summer. By providing a garden your child can learn in, you'll be expanding their knowledge while they get to enjoy getting fresh air into their lungs.

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