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How Important Are Surveyors?

by Janet Banks

You may not be fully aware of all the roles that surveyors have when it comes to buying and selling properties, but after going through this article you will have a basic understanding of their job. First, you must know that there isn't just a single type of surveyor that can do everything. The most sought after types of surveyors are land and property focused, both of whom have completely different roles. Here is a brief description of what role each of them has as well as what their job requires.

Property Surveyors

These surveyors are the most commonly found type because they are generally considered a jack of all trades. The primary objective of such a surveyor is to ensure a property is in decent condition before being listed on the market. Sure, the question of 'Why would I hire someone to perform those inspections when I can easily check the building myself?' might come up, but here's why you shouldn't rely on your skills alone.

Generally, a property surveyor will check for things that you don't have access to. For example, you might find it difficult to inspect whether or not the building was built according to the law and that it doesn't break any standards. Sure, you could figure out the sturdiness of the walls or the building's structural integrity, but you might not be able to inspect how the walls look on the inside, for example.

If you don't choose to hire a professional property surveyor before making the final purchase, you subject yourself to the risk of the house having hidden issues which can potentially worsen over time. Ultimately, you will lose money on the investment.

Land Surveyors

Any land surveyors also have their own equal share of important tasks, just like a property surveyor. While land surveyors can also perform simple tasks like inspecting the safety and the quality of a property, they are generally called to perform more dangerous tasks such as checking for hazardous or chemical materials in the land.

Land surveyors can also help you identify the limits of the house you are attempting to buy. This means that you won't have to worry about the property being built on someone else's land because you will have a general understanding of your property's beginning and ending points.

By using the aforementioned methods, a land or property surveyor can help you outline specific details about the property you are looking to buy. This is important as you will not have to worry about the risk of being dragged into court battles because your property was built unlawfully.