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3 Essential Supplies for DIY Lawn Care Rookies

by Janet Banks

A well-maintained natural turf lawn is an integral attribute of any inviting landscape. It helps exude the natural beauty of your home and is a source of great pride especially if you take care of the lawn by yourself. However, it takes the right assortment of supplies to ensure your lawn stays seamlessly beautiful for other people to see.

If you are a novice when it comes to lawn care, here are some important supplies that you should have before getting started to keep your lawn looking radiant and well-kept.

Turf supplies

What type of natural turf do you want to use for your lawn? There is an extensive selection of natural turf types available on the market today, and getting the right type of turf for your lawn can be a very confusing affair. However, you don't need to be alarmed because that shouldn't be a problem if you have the right buying information at your disposal.

Some of the things you should ask about or research on before making an order for the supply of natural turf include the cost of purchase, its suitability to the climatic pattern of your area, the location of suppliers and the expected maintenance requirements. Consult with a professional from a business like Associated Turf Growers & Suppliers to learn about the types of turf that will be most suitable for your yard and garden.

If a turf supplier is located far away from your residence, for instance, it may be difficult to deliver the turf in good time; the turf will most likely be in a bad condition for planting by the time you receive it due to withering. Therefore, it is prudent to procure your turf from a local supplier who can deliver it to you quickly.

Lawn maintenance tools and equipment

The tools and equipment needed to care for your lawn will depend on the size of the landscape. If you have a small lawn, you may need a spade to dig earth, a wheelbarrow to carry soil and lawn supplies, a hand-pushed lawn mower to cut the turf and a hand-held sprinkler bucket to water the lawn among many others.

If you have a large lawn, you will have to acquire tools and equipment specially built for large lawn care workloads. For instance, you may have to use a sprinkler water pump instead of a hand-held sprinkler bucket to water the lawn properly. Likewise, you may also have to attach your lawn mowing equipment to a small tractor to cut the turf when it has grown too long.

Weed control supplies

It is virtually impossible to have a healthy lawn if you can't handle the nuisance associated with weeds. Using the right fertilizers, and regularly spraying pesticides and herbicides on your lawn, will make sure it remains in tiptop condition year-through. Also, remember that mowing your lawn regularly helps to restrict turf growth and make it easier to detect weed invasion.