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How to Make a Straight Line With a Lawn Edger

by Janet Banks

A lawn edger can be a useful tool for cutting the grass around your driveway or landscaping, but you need to take precautions to ensure the line is as straight as possible. Looking for tips? Check out these ideas.

Use a Standalone Edger

Ideally, if you want a straight line, you should use a lawn edger for the job. You can use a strimmer or weed wacker, but that won't get the line as straight. Edgers are made with this exact purpose in mind.

Work Next to a Straight Surface

The easiest way to get a straight edge is to ensure that you are working along a straight line. For example, if you are putting in a patio or a concrete pad for a driveway, make sure that you are careful enough to get those areas straight and level. Then, just follow that line while using your lawn edger.

Consider Using a String and Pegs

The above idea can work in many cases, but there may be occasions where you need to do lawn edging along flower gardens or other areas that may not be completely straight. To guide yourself in these areas, consider putting up a string. You simply need to put a stake on either end of the area, and then, you need to stretch a piece of twine in between the pegs.

Pull the string as taut as possible. That helps it hold its shape so that you can run the edger along the side of it.

Move Your Body not Your Arms

If possible, opt for a lawn edger that has two handles like a bicycle. That makes it easier to hold, and when you can hold it steady, it becomes easier to make a straight line. Whilst using the lawn edger, hold your arms as steady as possible, and then walk forward.

When you move your body rather than your arms, that also helps the line stay straighter. Do the job slowly. If you work quickly, you may accidentally jerk the lawn edger out of line.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Finally, remember that there is a learning curve with lawn edgers just as there is with other tools. Don't be too frustrated if you can't get a straight line right away. Just follow the tips above and keep working at it. Eventually, you will be able to get a line that is much straighter than your first attempts.