Creating spectacular landscapes in small spaces

Building A Herb Garden With Pavers

by Janet Banks

If you are looking to create a garden feature that is both useful as well as beautiful, creating a herb garden with pavers is a great option. Imagine stepping out into your garden to pick your own fresh herbs. This is the type of garden that can be built in practically any space. Pavers are one of the easiest ways to build your herb garden and can be used to create a winding pathway around your herb garden or as a retaining wall. 

Keep Soil Where It Belongs

Without a retaining wall, soil would not stay in place, and this could mean your herb seeds or seedlings do not have a solid foundation in which to set down their roots. A retaining wall made from pavers will keep everything where it belongs. If you have a relatively large space that requires you to walk between your herbs, you can lay down stepping stones. This will give you somewhere safe and convenient to walk and can also stop weeds from taking hold. 

Decide Between Different Types Of Pavers

With so many varieties of pavers on the market, you can really make your garden a beautiful feature. Why not try some cool blue flagstones to add a fresh and modern look. Red terracotta lends itself perfectly to the more traditional or rustic garden and will also add a touch of colour all year round. Pavers can also make all the difference between a landscaped finish and an array of haphazardly planted herbs. 

Use Pavers As Markers

Another great way to use smaller pavers or even broken pavers is to use them as place markers for your herbs. Write the name of your herbs or paint pictures and then use your pavers to label exactly what herbs you have planted and where. This can add an interesting feature to your herb garden and leave you in no doubt about which herb is which. 

Understand that They Are Versatile And Easy To Use

Once you have got your pavers to where you would like to create your herb garden, they can be easily moved into place and laid. You may need to use a little cement to ensure they stay in place, especially if you are using them to build a retaining wall. Versatile and easy to use anywhere in the garden, pavers are relatively cheap, easy to find, and an effective way to create a beautiful and practical feature in your garden.